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Since I was a little girl I had always had the dream of helping others.  The first role model in my life was my beloved aunt Sila.  I learned very quickly that she was not only like a mother me, her heart was able to somehow touch everyone in my family.  Her warmth and soothing hands were always available to help feed, clothe, and love not only those that were her family members but also the less fortunate ones in her community as well.  It is with the intent to honor her life and legacy that I have started the Sunshine Movement Foundation.  This is our first year so I hope to count on your support as we try to give back to the ones who need the most and touch all their lives like my aunt touched mine.​​

Dania Ramirez

Mattel and Dania Ramirez have join forces to brighten the holidays of many amazing kids.

At the Sunshine Foundation, our mission is to transform the lives of children and mothers in need, in the US and around the world. By creating several fundraising initiatives we strive empower and inspire the women and children we touch.

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The Sunshine Movement Foundation was founded by world renowned actress Dania Ramirez.  Through an array of initiatives funded through your generosity, Dania and her team aspire to positively impact the lives of children and mothers in need through faith, inspiration and kindness.

The Sunshine Foundation was formed with one principal idea that is at the forefront and propels our movement.   That idea is to help and protect mothers and children who emanate from poverty across the globe.

Dania Ramirez, an immigrant from the Dominican Republic, understands first and foremost what it means to come from a place less fortunate than others.  Her humble upbringing taught her many lessons in life and one of those was to make sure she always practiced the art of "paying it forward" as a way of showing the world how thankful she is for all the blessings her and her family have received over the course of her journey.

With the help of supporters like you, we can provide a life-changing experience to those who need it most.

"All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them."  - Walt Disney

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